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Summary of September 2016 Transactions


This was a busy month for me at work and I have not bought or sold anything on the market. I have subscribed to Soilbuild REIT preferential offering (Soilbuild Launches Preferential Offering to fund Bukit Batok Connection Acquisition) and also applied for excess as well.

I have received my Soilbuild REIT shares and partially of the excess I applied for. Soilbuild REIT is now 4% of my stock portfolio in terms of value. With the proceeds from the preferential offering, Soilbuild REIT has completed the acquisition of Bukit Batok Connection. The stock price of Soilbuild Business REIT went up from S$0.685 to S$0.72. This is definitely a piece of good news for investors but we still need to observe if the REIT can hold the fort well. (more…)

Why Fed Decides Not to Increase Interest Rate


In the month of September 2016, the STI (Straits Times Index) was on a roller coaster ride. The chart below shows the STI trended down in the week of 12th to 15th September 2016 before resuming the uptrend.

I read in the news that the Fed will be holding the Federal Reserve Meeting on 21st September to decide on the interest rate hike. The speculation that Fed will raise interest rates has caused uncertainty in the stock market. (more…)

Soilbuild Business Space REIT 45 Million Loan

Soilbuild REIT Logo

Following my previous post on news that Cambridge Industrial Trust has taken up a 100 million loan (Cambridge Industrial Trust 100 Million Loan), Soilbuild Business Space REIT has announced on 21st September 2016 that they have taken up a S$45 million loan. The loan comprises of S$40 million term loan and S$5 million revolving loan facility. The S$45 million loan was from Bank of East Asia (BEA).

As indicated previously in my post on Cambridge Industrial Trust, there should be two questions we need to ask ourselves. (more…)

Cambridge Industrial Trust 100 Million Loan

Cambridge Industrial Trust Logo

Cambridge Industrial Trust has entered a $100 million unsecured loan facility with HSBC. The loan consists of a $25 million term loan facility and a S$75 million revolving loan facility. Usually when a REIT takes up a loan, there will be a few questions in my mind.

  1. Did the REIT run into debt?
  2. Is the REIT expanding or acquiring new property?

Why did Cambridge Industrial Trust take up a loan?

The term loan of S$25 million will be used to refinance the existing facility granted by National Australia Bank Limited. The S$75 million revolving loan will be used to finance Cambridge Industrial Trust working capital. (more…)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory by Abraham Maslow that describes the pattern of human motivation. The most fundamental need is at the bottom of the pyramid and self-actualization is at the top of the pyramid.

In my journey in search of financial freedom and towards a sweet retirement, I believe the theory is very important. I will do a check on each level in the pyramid to see where I have reached in my journey.

1) Physiological Needs

This level describes the physical requirements for human survival like clothing, food and shelter. I have fulfilled this level as financially I have no problem buying and paying for clothes and food. I also have my own house although I am still paying mortgage for my house. (more…)